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Everyone likes chutney and pickles. In fact, some people find their meal incomplete without the addition of any of these. Then you must have heard about Maison Therese chutney and pickles in New Zealand as we have been in this industry for the last four decades. Maison Therese’s New Zealand made chutney comes in many varieties and people enjoy the many flavours such as cauliflower, capsicum, chilies, and onions.

Maison Therese has gathered much attention in the last couple of decades for its delicious New Zealand made chutney and pickles and because of this we have ventured into different markets and offer a wide variety of well made condiments to customers throughout the country and overseas. 

Why our pickles are popular in New Zealand

Our products are made with available ingredients sourced in New Zealand and we take the utmost care to ensure that our chutneys and pickles are made with freshest and highest quality produce. We do not use any artificial flavours, preservatives or colours so even those people with special dietary requirements can enjoy our products.

Our prepared products are popular in artisan food stores, corporate gift companies, food services and supermarkets all over New Zealand. 

Products offered by us

As we are a pickle brand, our goal is to make good quality pickles. Our pickles, relishes, chutneys and condiments are getting popularity in restaurants and cafes in different parts of the New Zealand. Some of our popular pickles are pickled gherkins, beetroot relish, lime chutney, pickled baby beets, pickled onions, pickled button mushrooms, and many more.

We have more than twenty-five products in our name and because of the increasing demand of our products, we are making our products available to the every corner of the country by distributing them in different stores and markets.

You will get a wide range of our products in Star Foods, Moore Wilson, Davis Trading and Bidvest but you can also buy our NZ made chutneys and pickles online to ship around the world! Just visit us here at www.maisontherese.co.nz to find out more about our New Zealand made artisan preserves, chutneys and relishes.

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